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What you need is Speed, the quickest delivery of your Voice Over, and a Professional Sounding read the way YOU want it. Your samples attached and your brief is essential to getting the right sound you want for your project, and be assured you'll get attention to detail and the quickest response from me. Even in revisions.


My top notch Studio in Toronto also ensures the best quality recording possible with top of the line Sennheisser and Neumann Microphones and Spanish Built and designed AudioBricks One vocal booth. I have worked with every major multinational organization and brand you have heard of. My knowledge of many languages will help your project, I can impersonate many accents and am conversational in French, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi, and have portrayed many characters with German, Arabic, South African, Indian and many more accents.


Would you like to Direct your Session? Clients can patch in to the studio to direct the recording sessions with Source Connect, and many trust me to understand the style of read the script requires. With many audiobooks on Audible, much of my work is now on digital platforms, commercials, product demos, training programs, podcasts, and telephone systems.


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